Teacher Engagement: Moldova Explores EntreComp

Teachers in Moldova are determining how entrepreneurship can be better developed in vocational schools. Teachers from across the country met in Chisinau to discuss the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) and how learning outcomes can be developed.


In Moldova, entrepreneurial learning is recognised as a priority for economic and social development. Entrepreneurship features in VET curriculum, as a subject. The next challenge is ensure entrepreneurship as a key competence is embedded across all subjects.

The entrepreneurship key competence comprises cognitive and behavioural traits typical of good entrepreneurs e.g. opportunity seeking, risk-taking, creativity and good resource management.

Throughout the two-day workshop, teachers of core curriculum (e.g. mathematics, biology, languages), vocational teachers and entrepreneurship specialists discussed integrating entrepreneurial learning outcomes into the teaching and learning dynamics of vocational schools.

The ETF’s Kristien Van den Eynde says teachers are engaged and committed to see how EU policy tools can be applied.

‘If you don’t have teacher buy-in,’ she says, ‘getting entrepreneurship promotion into the learning system is a non-starter.’ A point echoed by Silviu Gîncu, Head of Technical and Vocational Eduation and Training at the Ministry of Education. ‘Our reform drive starts with the teachers,’ he says.

ETF supports its partner countries in promoting policy and good practice in entrepreneurial learning.

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