Ukraine Embraces The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

Ukraine Embraces The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

In the bid to develop a more entrepreneurial economy, Ukraine is giving renewed attention to entrepreneurship promotion in education and training. Its reference is the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, published by the European Commission.

Policymakers, curriculum specialists, teacher trainers and businesses have been gathering in Lviv to determine next steps in integrating entrepreneurship as a key competence within the national curriculum. The workshop (July 8-9) is facilitated by ETF in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Lviv Teacher Training Institute.

The interest of the Ukrainian authorities follows an assessment of entrepreneurial learning with recommendations by ETFpublished earlier this year.

ETF supports the European Commission and Ukraine in tracking developments in human capital as part of the wider monitoring of progress of the country on meeting the demands of the Small Business Act for Europe.

The SBA is an important driver of the ETF’s work with partner countries to enhance support entrepreneurship and SME skills. Find out more on our short animation film HERE.

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